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5 Golden Rules for Rope and Netting Systems

Posted by Tristan Martel
on Apr 16, 2018

Every day in a wide range of industries around the world, hundreds of workers are protected by Barry rope and net systems. Safety, quality and reliability are fundamental to these products and systems.

To ensure and implement these fundamental characteristics, we have established 5 golden rules that should be followed in the process of designing any rope or net system.

Golden Rule # 1: Safety above all else!
The operator(s) must use the system responsibly and for the intended application to ensure everyone’s safety is the top priority.

Golden Rule # 2: Plan your system carefully
A deep understanding of the application, safety requirements, energy involved and scope of the system is crucial to planning and designing. Even the smallest oversight can result in an unsafe system and an increased liability to the owner.

Golden Rule # 3: Design and certification of the system
Designing a net or rope system must be executed by qualified persons and engineers. Through decades of experience, Barry has developed an expertise in assisting qualified persons with their design process.

Golden Rule # 4: Training is an essential factor in safety
Proper training and understanding of a system's components, limitations and risks are vital to safe operation and service life.

Golden Rule # 5: Safety through inspection and maintenance
Regular maintenance and routine inspections both prior-to and after each use will help identify the system as fit for use, and also contribute to optimizing a systems service life. A formal and thorough inspection should be done at least once a year by a competent individual and logged for reference.

There you have it, the 5 golden rules of rope and netting systems!

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Always remember: Safety above all else!

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