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Live-Line Crews Improve Safety with Barry D.E.W. Line Dielectric Nets

Posted by Patrick Barry
on Mar 16, 2018

This article identifies some of the challenges and issues encountered when working in or near energized fields, and the advantages of using Barry D.E.W. LineTM equipment.

This recent article by Jeff Laninga, Safety Engineer at Manitoba Hydro, gives you a clear overview of the stakes and risks faced by those who work near or within energized fields. It also highlights the recent innovations, recommendations and advantages of using Barry D.E.W. LineTM Dielectric Safety Nets.

As Jeff states: "The live-line industry is seeing a transition from conventional ropes to specially designed and engineered dielectric ropes. Utilities will greatly benefit by changing over and adopting these specialized dielectric ropes as they provide durable and reliable dielectric properties akin to those of FRP tools and are easy to inspect, maintain and test."

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