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Sneeze Guard for Light/Medium Truck - (COVID-19)

Posted by Marc-André Pilon
on Apr 10, 2020

Many companies are entirely changing their business models or manufacturing processes. Here at Barry we continue to produce what we do best and have made our production capacity available to manufacture several types of flexible safety barriers designed to help save and preserve lives during the Covid-19 crisis.

cdn.shopify.comsfiles109559940productsBTMLC1-1_grandeWe started with safety barriers to protect drivers and passengers, and have extended these products to utility trucks. The Barry product team is working 24/7 to validate concepts and manufacture new netting products and clear flexible barriers that are cleanable, replaceable and disinfectable.

This Is What We Do Best

For the past 42 years, Barry has manufactured flexible barriers with netting, webbing and transparent fabric, proudly helping to save lives every single day. This is especially true today. As a producer of goods for essential services, we have had to thoroughly adapt our working procedures in order to keep our team safe and highly productive, and we made it ! At this time we are 100% operational and doing what it takes to meet demand.

Sneeze Guard for Light/Medium Trucks



Over the last 3 weeks, we have delivered many customized assemblies to the specific needs of several types of vehicles. Today, we are proud to showcase a new flexible sneeze guard for light and medium pick-up trucks using FR materials for the North American market. Can be customized for most Light/Medium trucks from several manufacturers.

Our initial concept was successfully tested and validated in a Ford F-150 with great results !

Flexible-Sneeze-Guard-Medium-and-Light-Duty-Trucks-F-150How to get your Sneeze Guard for Light/Medium Truck

  1. Contact us with your truck make, model and year as well as:
    1. Interior dimensions
    2. Images or a description of anchorage points
    3. Number of units required
  2. We will reply with the availability of the product for your vehicule

We are prioritizing Covid-19 emergency requests for government agencies as well as mining, construction and utility companies, which are needing large quantities of sneeze guards.

Contact us, for any model, as soon as possible to receive your sneeze guards rapidly.

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Barry offers flexible and custom-made vertical protective barrier kits and disinfectable industrial plastified work ropes which can be easily cleaned.

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